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What We Offer Special Families

Autism Trampolines & Play Products is dedicated to offering products for home use that increase the quality of life within families associated with children with autism and other special needs.  Our products help lessen the distress within these families and seek to increase the functional independence of their children.  They can be used at home to supplement organized therapy they may be routinely getting.

Through GSM International, Inc. of Dallas, Texas, Autism Trampolines & Play Products has developed or acquired sports related, high quality, durable products that fall within those realms of therapy that have been successfully been used to meet the needs and capabilities of special needs children. 

Children with various forms of autism and other special needs grow stronger, healthier, and happier when they can engage regularly in active exercise. Quality of life for both the child and the family is improved when the special needs child is able to maximize his physical activity within whatever constraints he may have.

Regular physical activity allows bodies to grow stronger and more coordinated.  Children sleep better.  They are happier.  Body composition and muscle/fat ratio is improved with regular activity. Respiration and circulation is improved. 

Experience developed at Asobo Kobo Workshop - Our small trampoline products have been developed over the past 13 years in conjunction with Asobo Kobo Workshop in Fukuoka, Japan.  Asobo Kobo specializes in training children with sensory integration dysfunction (DSI).   Since starting Asobo Kobo Workshop in 1997, Jeff Robbins and his staff have worked with thousands of special needs children and their families.  This organization has been supplying the children with physical therapy and the families with products that allow them to obtain a better quality of life within their homes. 

Jeff Robbins assisted Jean Ayres, Ph. D., in the writing of "Sensory Integration and the Child", which was first published in 1979 and is a must for parents who are seeking to understand what might be going on within their child.

Product Categories - Autism Trampolines & Play Products currently offers products in four categories:

  • Motion Special swings have been developed for use at the very basic therapy level to allow a child to become accustomed to his body being in motion.

  • Rebound Working with experienced therapists, our group has developed trampolines with optimum characteristics for rebound jumping.  The small units can be used both inside and outside, including within the shaded backyard arena.

  • Skill-Coordination Ball games which develop eye coordination with hands and feet can be played safely in our shaded, fully enclosed, backyard activity area.

  • Strength-Coordination Our group offers heavy duty, all terrain pedal Go-Carts for older children to build their strength, endurance and coordination.


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